From March 2012

LAUSD Consolidated Charitable Campaign

The 2012 Consolidated Charitable Campaign will occur between the dates of March 12th-19th. This “Sharing Brings Hope” campaign is an annual LAUSD sponsored fundraiser, where parents, students, faculty and staff contribute to a consolidated fundraising effort. An envelope has been sent home with each student for your donation. Last year’s campaign raised over one million dollars for the Los Angeles Community. More information can be found at

A Bilingual Education

Micheltorena Elementary is proud to offer an exciting educational opportunity for the 2012 – 2013 school year: Bilingual instruction for kindergarten in English and Spanish!

Research shows that students taught in a dual language program excel as compared to students in other educational programs:

  • Achieved higher scores in English, Reading and Mathematics
  • Earned higher SAT scores
  • By 5th grade, participants were outperforming all comparison groups, and remained high academic achievers throughout their schooling

The key features of our dual language program are:

  • Bilingualism and biliteracy as goal
  • Classes with a mix of English and Spanish speaking students
  • Sustained instruction in the target language of Spanish
  • 50% of instruction is in both languages every day
  • Starts in Kindergarten, and continues through grade levels

WE ARE NOW ENROLLING for 2012 – 2013 kindergarten class! Space is limited!  Call 323-661-2125 with questions or to sign up for the program, or drop by our school office.

Symphony in the Schoolroom!

Art and music have always been an important part of the Micheltorena learning experience. In 1940, Micheltorena had the largest elementary school orchestra in Los Angeles!  In 2012, our music program and orchestra are still going strong, with the leadership of instrumental teacher Jay Stolmack as well as choral and dance instruction provided by local community organizations Silverlake Conservatory and Bluepalm.  Our school orchestra has played all over Los Angeles, including the Hollywood Bowl and Greek Theatre!

This photo was sent to Friends of Micheltorena by JoAnn Magrum, who played violin in 5th grade in the photo and graduated from Micheltorena in 1941.

Los Angeles Times, Sunday, June 16, 1940

The text reads:  “Forty children at the Micheltorena grammar school between the ages of 7 and 12 years are proving that music has charms for youth.  These schoolroom musicians play violins, clarinets, trumpets, xylophone and bells, pianos and horns, and they comprise the largest elementary school orchestra in Los Angeles.  Shown above is a portion of the orchestra rehearsing under the direction of Ms. Mabel C. Snyder.  When the picture was made they were practicing for a concert appearance before the school’s alumni association, which last week celebrated its 25th anniversary with a reunion.  Everybody, from Principal Mary C. Flynn to the youngest student, agreed that the music was grand.”

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council votes to support Micheltorena

Thank you to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, who last night voted in opposition to the collocation of Citizens of the World Charter School at Micheltorena Elementary.    Here is the motion that the council voted to support:  The SLNC moves to support the efforts of the Micheltorena Elementary School administrators, teachers, parents and children to stop the collocation of a Citizens of the World Charter school onto Micheltorena’s campus. SLNC’s support of Micheltorena Community efforts to stop collocation does not reflect an opinion on charter schools in general, but applies to this case in particular.

Thank you to our families, friends, community members, and teachers for coming out and supporting us at the meeting last night. Our battle is not over, but we at Micheltorena remain positive and focused on continuing to make our school the best it can be!  Please scroll down to read why we at Micheltorena are opposed to this collocation.

Important Community Meeting Wednesday March 7, 7pm

Please attend the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting on Wednesday March 7, at 7pm in the school’s auditorium! Micheltorena has put a motion on the agenda to oppose the co-location of the Citizens of the World Corporation franchise school on our campus.

We are hoping to FILL THE AUDITORIUM WITH MICHELTORENA SUPPORTERS. Please invite your friends, family and neighbors to come support us at our representing neighborhood council meeting.  THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MEETING, PLEASE DO ALL THAT YOU CAN TO ATTEND!

Please see below to read our position on the possible collocation of a Citizens of the World Corporation franchise school on our campus.  Thank you for your support!!