From August 2011

It’s about that time again…

Time to polish those shoes, dust off your pencil boxes and get ready for back-to-school!  School this year starts on Wednesday, September 7. Click on the link to left to view upcoming events in our school calendar; you can also view the LAUSD 2011-2012 calendar by clicking here.  Need some advice on getting Junior psyched for school?  The National PTA has a nice article about it here.

Notable events for the first month of school include the PTA Social, on Tuesday, September 13, at 4:30 pm, and Back to School night, starting at 5:00 on Tuesday, September 27 . Come enjoy some refreshments, hob nob with other Micheltorena parents, and sign up to volunteer for a few hours in service of the school.  We have a lot of great projects and events planned, and we hope you will join us to help Micheltorena have another outstanding year this year!

Just in time for school! Parent Jordan Crane working on the front entrance.

Of note, if you have a child entering the 7th – 12th grades this coming September, a new state law mandates proof that he/she has recently had a whooping cough (also known as pertussis) booster shot.  The vaccine is called Tdap, and it also contains the vaccine for tetanus (the disease you can get when you step on a rusty nail).  In response to this new law, LAUSD nurses are staffing health clinics around Los Angeles throughout the month of August. For times and locations, click here. You can read more about the new law here, or for information in spanish, click here.